inflatable hot tub camo

Ever wanted to relax in your hot tub away from prying eyes?
Well now you can with a camouflaged inflatable hot tub!

What is a Camouflaged Inflatable Hot Tub?
It’s just like any other hot tub (other brands may have put a little extra special in theirs) except that it’s decked in camouflage, this comes handy if you want to surprise your friends that you have a mini spa in your patio (or anywhere in your house) or tucked away in a little corner of your backyard (especially if your backyard is surrounded by trees and plants).

It’s lightweight and easy to transport, meaning you can take it almost anywhere either you’re going camping with your friends, relaxing after a hard day of work or in a rental cabin somewhere in the woods; some people even take their inflatable hot tubs with them during sporting events and use them both indoor and outdoor.

Some brands may have inflatable hot tub center that can accommodate up to 6 persons, Vanish Spa, and more while most brands are limited to 2 or 4 persons such as Coleman’s or Intex, however keep these in mind when you buy your own camouflaged inflatable hot tub:

Vanish Spa: 79 inches in diameter, 25 inches tall
Coleman Lay-Z: 77 inches in diameter, 28 inches tall
Intex PureSpa: 77 inches in diameter, 28 inches tall

Don’t be intimidated by inflatable hot tubs as they are easy to set up and store away if not in need, inflatable hot tubs also makes it easier to move them around, also you don’t have to worry about the other parts as most inflatable hot tub packages comes complete with everything you need to set up your own inflatable hot tub.
Simply take your inflatable hot tub, connect it to the control panel, and turn it on, it will usually take less than 10 minutes for an inflatable hot tub to fully inflated after that you can fill it with water using a garden hose after which, you simply turn on the pump to heat the water to your desired temperature and enjoy.
You may also add chemicals such as chlorine to keep your water clean when using your hot tub, also remember you have to drain the water once in awhile, especially when you will not be using your inflatable hot tub.

Also, heating the water in an inflatable hot tub may take awhile as the water heats at 2 degrees/ hour so you may need to plan ahead, you may setup your inflatable hot tub and fill it with water during the morning where it will be ready during the evening or you may set up and fill up with water during the evening and leave it overnight.

More Features

The camo inflatable hot tub has 88 jets, a thermal padded floor, beverage holders, and a dedicated head rest for its users.
Inflatable hot tubs from Vanish Spa comes in two different designs, the RealTree Xtra in Green and the RealTree Max5 which can both accommodate 6 persons. Like most inflatable hot tubs, it also comes with an insulating lid that you can use to cover your hot tub when it’s not in use.

However, a camouflage inflatable hot tub may cost a few extra dollars compared to their standard counterparts but it’s a great addition to any home especially in the winter or if you want to relax after roughing it out during camping or any physical activity in the outdoors.