Crossbow Accessories

The crossbow is one of the most versatile and sought after weapon for most hunters today, however our enthusiasm in hunting can sometimes lead us to lose or break some of our crossbow parts and accessories while making our way through the forest or when making the kill for the game we’re after.

While accessories can help hunters better their aim or skills, some tend to buy every accessory they can see and or find to look like a ‘real” hunter (being a hunter isn’t a fashion statement nor is it fashionable.. Seriously, dragging a dead deer or turkey isn’t fashionable.)
And like every sport or hobby, you must be familiar with the accessories for your crossbow so below are accessories you will need for your crossbow, so here are the most common accessories you will need for your crossbow:

Cocking Device: Are you having trouble carrying and cocking your crossbow? If you’ve said yes then you should definitely get a cocking device! A cocking device is a great help for any hunter regardless of your skill level, having a cocking device will also help prolong the lifespan of your crossbow. Your rope cocking device will usually come in a plastic bag when you purchase your crossbow, to know that you have a good quality cocking device, you will notice that the rope will be quite long – DO NOT CUT THE STRING! Instead tie the string at one end so it will be easier for you to adjust.

Scope: A crossbow isn’t complete without its scope. Scopes such as the fixed power scope offers 3 to 5 times magnification and is especially useful when it comes to hunting game such as turkey and other small and medium game. Some scopes come with an illumination feature which will come very useful when it comes to hunting in a hard to see environment, sharpen your sight by tuning your diopter ring in your scope.
Keep this in mind when using your scope next time:

1 click moves ½ inch
2 clicks moves 1 inch
3 clicks moves 1 ½ inch
4 clicks moves 2 inches

It might take awhile for you to fully grasp how to work with your scope so don’t be afraid to experiment and explore with your scope during practice sessions, take proper care of the lens of your scope, do not just use any cloth to wipe or clean your scope with. Never tighten the scope rings around your scope, leave some room to allow a little movement.

Bolts & Nocks: A crossbow isn’t complete without bolts and nocks! For those who may be confused, a bolt is a crossbow arrow while nocks are what holds the fletchings together. You can find bolts and nocks sold in the same store where you bought your crossbow but you need to make sure that you are using the correct bolt and nock for your crossbow as different crossbows also have different bolts and nocks. Read more about nocks here.

Broadhead: No arrow is complete without a broadhead, especially when you go out hunting. Manufacturers design broadheads to maximize the efficiency of cutting through targets or game, take your time in finding the right broadhead for you as there are as many design options available and each has its own purpose.