What are the Common Processes of Car Detailing?

Many car owners do not have any idea what car detailing is. Does it get something to do with checking out the details of the car? Almost like that, but there are further things that are involved in the process of car detailing.

General Information
Car detailing is an activity involving thorough cleaning, restoring and finishing the car, both on the exterior and interior to produce a high quality, show level detail. In layman’s terms, it is bringing back the original color and look of your car when it was first rolled out from the factory.

Keep in mind that car detailing is different from the car wash, particularly with the detailing and the processes involved in it.

Car detailing is a multi-step process. Both the interior and the exterior of the house has its steps. Each car detailing service differs in the processes they used in detailing a vehicle, especially with the way they approach their detailing. But the majority of the car detailers make use of similar tools that brings out that sparkling finish to the car.

The common processes of exterior car detailing are the following:
 Wash and dry – the detailing process of the interior usually starts with a high-powered spray washing. This is then followed by thorough hand washing using mild soap. This is then followed by drying.
 Clay – the next step is the clay work, wherein the detailer makes use of a clay bar to get rid of any traces left of the overspray and many other contaminants that the wash could not remove by its own.
 Polish – don’t be too surprised if you find your car losing its shine day after day. This is normal since your car is exposed to dust, dirt and many other foreign contaminants. Restoring it to its original paint glossy look is needed in car detailing.
 Seal – usually the process of the exterior detailing ends with the sealant’s application, thus giving the car its glossy shine. It is not the polish that can give its extra shine and gloss; it is this process. Detailers can even go further, aside from applying the sealant – they go with applying the wax on the surface.

Below are common interior car detailing processes:
 Vacuuming – the interior should need to get rid of its dust and dirt by using the vacuum. This is the first step that they do when performing an interior car detailing. Every area of the car needs to have thorough cleaning, including the trunk and glove compartment.
 Brush/Scrub/Shampoo – the carpets and mats upholstery must go through detailed scrubbing and brushing to remove the deep blemishes and stains that have accumulated over the years.
 Vacuum – after all the processes above, it needs to go through another vacuuming process again, but this time there is the wiping. This is focused more on the surfaces of the interior, including the door panels, dashboard, and windows. This will bring back the shine of the interior of the car.
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