Events of different continental cups

In Global Soccer on a monthly basis for the championship of all European countries and 39 of them, not only with goal-scorers, but also with the result you can find complete setups as well. In addition, everywhere is a full league We also provide a table (home-away) and crossbills, with the exact date of the remaining matches.

39 countries with assemblies:
England, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Norway, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Wales.

11 country scorers:
Albania, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Ireland, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Israel, Moldova, Armenia, San Marino.

Of course, we do not forget about European cups, from these series each match (ie pre-qualifiers) is included in the list volumes in live stream fodbold.

But we do not only deal with Europe: the most important countries in South America championships, the other goalscorer reads, and the two a major South American club club, the Libertadores Cup and the Sudamericana Cup matches will be announced in full minutes. The rest of the continent can not stay out of line, from North and Central America to Mexico and the United States, From Asia, we have the results of the hunting of Australia and Japan with team compilations – and, of course, the rest of the country championship results will be included in our publication, wherever possible, Scorers.

For each continent, we report the events of different continental cups too. A separate chapter will deal with the national matches: the particular month results of each match will be included in the publication, as far as possible, of course. As you can see, Global Soccer aims at completeness and everything we will do our best to provide as much information as possible for our readers of the world’s football – all this on 256 pages per month.
We can confident that our publication is unique to the international on the market. We really hope that this little tutorial will be yours, and you will also be happy to turn Global Soccer. Our edition is undoubtedly a unique case on the international market. We hope that this small presentation you enjoyed, and that you will glance through the Global Soccer with satisfaction.

A separate chapter is the selection campaigns every month, if possible with the compilation of the teams. As it can be seen, the purpose of Global Soccer is the pursuit of completeness. We plan to provide 256 pages of information to our readers on the world football every month. We can claim that our issue does not compare with any other on the international market. We hope our little description has pleased you and you will enjoy the Global Soccer with full satisfaction. We do not just deal with Europe: you can read the compilations about the championships of the most important countries from South America, with the names of the marksmen, as well as 2 major clusters, the fights of Libertadores Cup and South American Cup with the complete protocol.

White skin after 7 days using fresh turmeric

5 types of mask from whitening skin whitening and absolute safety

Fresh turmeric has thousands of benefits to the beauty of women. Turmeric masks can be used as a natural antiseptic, helping to effectively break down acne. In addition, women can not ignore the top use of technology, which is whitening skin safety. This is a way in which you can have a whiter skin without spending money, this is a natural way that has no harm on your skin. The top use of turmeric is white skin care safely.

Applying facial mask from turmeric or fresh turmeric, or in combination with other natural ingredients, is a quick and safe skin whitening treatment. If you are preparing to retouch your beauty to attend an important event such as a date or a lively party night, try whitening in 7 days thanks to the following face masks:

1. Turmeric and mustard oil

Fresh turmeric looks quite like ginger, you remember the distinction between these two types. Sprinkle mustard oil on a fresh turmeric, then use heavy objects such as pestle or flour roll to grind turmeric. Use a mixture of fresh turmeric and mustard oil mix it on your face and hold it for 15 minutes. This type of mask helps your skin smooth, shiny women unexpectedly.

2. Turmeric and milk cream

Artisanal mask and milk cream are one of the quickest and quickest ways to regain a radiant complexion. Fresh whipped cream helps moisturize the skin, while fresh turmeric lightens dark areas.
Moisturizes and whitens when combined with cream.

Turmeric and honey

Mix turmeric with 1 teaspoon pure honey, 1 teaspoon of flour (can use corn flour or rice flour) and a little water to make the mixture thick. Apply a mask to the face, neck and neck for about 10 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Your skin will quickly be whiter, brighter than ever.

4. Turmeric and rose water

Relax your skin with rose water and fresh turmeric.

Mix 1 tablespoon of flower rose in a water along with a turmeric powder, then it’s optional but you can also add about 1/2 teaspoon of curd. After adding the main ingredients needed you can now stir the mixture and right away apply it on your face. Using this mask like everyday can eventually help facial muscles to relax, increase skin elasticity and rejuvenate your skin, here in you can also check out some natural products that can help you out.

5. Bean paste and rice bran

Combining rice bran with turmeric powder will be excellent exfoliating and whitening mask, suitable for all skin types. Include 1 tablespoon rice flour, 1 tablespoon milk powder, 1 tablespoon rice bran powder and 1 tablespoon fresh milk.

Then stir well to get the sticky mixture. Gently massage away the face with this mask to thoroughly cleanse the face, leaving the skin dead, leaving the skin white. Health is an invaluable asset! Life is busy, crowded competition, do not let yourself be swept. Relax and take care of your health every day most especially your skin for this our best asset that we will cary on . To have a healthy, happy, happy family life. You can learn to take care of yourself or to prestigious health care centers.

Consider getting SmartLipo

I am a huge fan of reality television, and I wished I could be a lot more like some of the people on the shows I watch. There is one woman on one of them that had the worst body shape I have ever seen. She was definitely a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, and I was happy when she went in for a consultation. When she arrived at the doctor to discuss her options, she was told that she might want to consider getting SmartLipo, which is a liposuction procedure that is a bit less invasive than the traditional procedure. She tried it, and she had very good results and enjoy it. This has made me want to go and get the same thing done, but I am not sure where to go. I have been looking all over for reviews that will lead me to the right doctor.

I am very afraid of getting cosmetic surgery because of all of the horror stories out there. There have been a ton of reviews that have talked about infections, unnecessary pain and botched procedures. I would hate to spend a lot of money to get a procedure done and it did not turn out well. Not only will I be out of a good amount of money, but bad procedures can lead to serious injuries and death in some cases. This is the main reason why it is very important for me to do some thorough research before hiring anyone. I want to get rid of my love handles and saddlebags, but I do not want to worry about getting an infection due to some type of physician incompetency. I am going to keep searching until I find someone someone that is qualified to do a great job. If I cannot locate one, I guess I will have to put my cosmetic surgery dreams on hold.

For some people, losing weight isn’t the only issue that they’ve encountered. It’s much more than that. In addition to losing weight, they’re also dealing with the fact that they have a lot of extra sagging skin, and they can’t get rid of it. Losing weight and sagging skin may not be a problem for some. Instead they would rather correct what they feel is a physical flaw such as a prominent nose. For these people, cosmetic surgery can actually be life changing. Now let’s say you’ve done your research, and you feel that this is the route that you want to take. What’s your next step? How do you find a doctor that you can trust?

There are doctors all over the place that are willing to perform plastic surgery, but it is my job to make sure that I find the right one. I plan on asking any surgery I consider to show me pictures of other patients he has worked on. There are also sites online where people go to give their doctors grades on things like efficiency, friendliness and cleanliness. I am going to check a few of those sites out too. You can’t trust anyone with something that is so important. It may cost a lot of money to get the best cosmetic surgery makeover done, but it is worth it to know that you will be safe. I watch the news every day, and at least once a month I hear about someone trying to get back-alley cosmetic surgery. I am not sure how getting liposuction to rid yourself of a few problem areas is worth losing your life. Ultimately, your life should mean a lot more to you than that.

Tax Accountants, Finding The Right Ones

Tax accountantBefore you start knowing about a tax agent’s works and obligations, you must first know what certified accountants can do for you. You may think that on dealing with a tax computations will have a range of services that will help you with everything. These are as follows:

Tax Returns

A CPA’s skills will be highlighted when it comes to computing your tax returns and so you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for their expertise with best practices for collating, storing and managing your financial records. This helps both parties it helps the CPA to complete your annual tax return as efficiently as possible and in the process saves you money by not having them waste time sorting through tardy financial paperwork. This efficiency becomes more and more important for companies and corporations with complicated statements of accounts from several different offices.

Business Accounting

Lot of companies that was located in CBD has their own best accountants that records and document all of the transactions through the business by way of figuring out which an option you may want to consider as your business grows and in order to have your financial matters monitored not just at tax time.

A proactive accountant

In running a business, you can be a very busy person, too many things you will have to do and reasons why you will be needing to hire a tax agent that is keeping a keen eye on your finances.

Can Improve Your Finances and Taxes

If you are to choose tax accountants, you have to be really wise enough in selecting for someone who can demonstrate how to make your cash flow better. This should be possible even from an initial free consultation.

Whether you have a small business or a big one, you must always be treated with respect at all times. Being treated in a condescending manner will always be unacceptable.

Working on the Same Goals
It is advisable that your tax agent knows your life goals so they can help to plan your financial future from an accounting perspective. If your tax accountant can understand this, you are in good hands.

Asking the Right Questions

When searching tax accountants in Melbourne, it is crucial that you ask them the right questions so you know whether or not they are the perfect agents for you or for your business. You must consider the following factors:

This is one of the first things that you have to ask a tax agent—how much will you be charged, when will you be billed, and for what services?It is of the utmost importance that you inquire about an accountant’s specialization. This is where you determine whether or not their area of specialization will best suit what you need from them. If you are looking for a tax accountant, make sure that they have a lot of experience in this area.

Always ensure that these tax accountants are a Certified Practicing Accountant by checking them out online at Tax and BAS Agent Register.Are they a member of a certain group that can further strengthen their reliability? Don’t hesitate to ask if they are a member of CPA Australia or Chartered Accountants in Australia. If they are indeed a member of one of these associations, they have passed the standards required to provide quality services for their clients.

It is very important that your tax accountants reply to your calls, messages, and emails promptly. I can’t stress this enough. The last thing you want is an accountant who doesn’t get back to you because you’re not seen as one of their high end clients.

For a quick recap, change your tax agent if he/she doesn’t return your calls right away; if they always gives empty promises; if deadlines aren’t kept; if you are being provided with a service that is full of errors; if they don’t care about your business, your finances, and your goals; if you often receive unexpected fees or if they provide poor tax planning. These are the things that you need to consider when working with tax accountants in Melbourne. It is essential that you do consider all these things to avoid wasting your time and money in the future.


Air fitness Equipment VS Hydraulics
In a market that is booming like the fitness industry there are plenty of brand names and styles for everyone to choose from. Exactly what kind of equipment will be more profitable in the short and long term is the first question everyone should ask themselves before buying fitness equipment. Air equipment has been on the fitness market since 1977 and the actual results were very impressive even back in those days. The simple fact of being able to produce an eccentric and concentric motion without using any actual weights did prove there would be endless possibilities in the fitness industry for Air equipment in Today the Air Fitness industry is making its way in the 30 min workout for women and in major gyms for all the right reasons.
All the fitness professionals who have researched this area will agree on one basic thing. Any equipment that is sold with the purpose of developing muscles or even only toning them, need to have adjustable weight and produce an eccentric and concentric motion to reach results.There has never been any hydraulic equipment that has the ability to achieve this simple task.
Air equipment not only delivers eccentric and concentric motion but allows the user to do this in the safest way possible. Air equipment also has the ability to increase the actual weight that is required to achieve muscle growth.
Sadly, hydraulics do not provide the essential increases needed to give results to a hard working customer. Results in major hydraulic gyms show that after 3 months the members will reach a plateau. In other words, they will stop their progression.
In a market that has a fitness center every few blocks you need to have member retention and the only way to achieve this is by having equipment that will allow users to progress and never hit their plateau.
Think about it! The difference could be between making money and breaking even!!

The limits of Hydraulics
Hydraulics use oil to produce the resistance needed to stimulate the muscle. Yet since the oil is forced to go back and forth across a small hole inside the piston, the oil will heat up resulting in a loss of resistance. The more people using a circuit the less effective it becomes. That by itself will not help you keep your customers!
Since a hydraulic piston is made to work in one direction it can only provide a Positive (concentric) motion. The fact is that the Fitness industry has been around for a long time N o professional private trainer or manager of a fitness facility will ever buy a piece of Hydraulic equipment even if the price is sometimes 3 times less expensive.The only industry that now buys Hydraulics is the 30 min centers but even those clubs are confronted with the phenomenal plateau effect.

Hydraulics is great to move heavy objects but they always use electricalpumps to make them effective. A hydraulic piston without an electrical pump is like a barbell without plates, it will help you move in the beginning but you will never progress with it as you grow stronger and need more weight.
Now, the tactics of the hydraulic industry, is that if you need more weight they will tell their members to move faster on the machine!! If you only had a 10 pound dumbbell in your gym would you tell your members to move faster to make believe they had a 20 pound dumbbell? Of course not, they would get injured or laugh at you.
Air equipment are the only kinds of machines you love that will allow users to have real progression without ever even thinking or feeling that they could max out the equipment.
Air is one of the safest way for training for all kinds of users from the novice to the expert. Nobody will be left wondering, everyone will see and feel the results.

Great way to relax and treat your body

Having hard time in work was the most common thing we experienced in everyday life. Peope may feel a very hard time to work in an office where we are supposed to sit or stand for long working hours. Sometimes our stiffed muscles do not allow us to even work properly. Thus in the same case we need to have a massager that can pamper our body and can sooth our senses as well. Massage is the perfect way to relaxed our mind and body. The effect of massage goes deep into our body that hits the rock bottom of the roots of our problems and thus heals and purify body from pain like muscle pain. We realizes better the stress and pain of life, we cannot see or touch knor heal the tiredness and trauma, but we can definitely feel it after a certain period of time. No matter how much effort we have done to gain happiness, at the end we will still only be rewarded by a lot of stress, tension and anxiety that are now in daily companions in this competitive world.

Sometimes when we are in a great agony and mental pressure we really desire to head off to some destination where the word stress does not exists. But let me tell you that you need not to get distressed a lot as the solution for all worries is the massage chair. This is a wonderful way to reward your body for significantly supporting you in being the hard working person you will ever be. Being in a massage chair could be a very priceless thing that you can give to your self.

Although, the advancement of technology now a days has blessed us with many boons, but it has cast some curse on us too. Like the very first thing is the pollution with some polluted areas where we can be at. One of the most devastating curse is the tension and weariness. We have become so selfish and self-centered that we often forget the actual meaning of relationships and most especially in taking care of our health. This is making us lonely from inside and there comes the significance of massage. Our inner self is thirsty for peace and happiness by not thinking of a lot of stressful things which cannot be gained by any sort of materialistic demands.

Massage chair is a great way to relax and treat your body in not only time saving but also money saving manner as you can use this chair in to your office or home where in you can work while sitting on the massage chair,click this if you wish to have one. You can use it as a normal chair that you use in your office or at home if you are working home person for your routine chores of action. It might be impossible for us to think that the thing as most of the people are leading a very busy life and or involved in any kind of work will be head off and may find peace and take away all the stress. Some of us are home makers, office workers some are students or college or university goers and some of us are retired servicemen or presently working somewhere. That is why, most of the people prefer a good relaxation massage at home or office.

inflatable hot tub camo

Ever wanted to relax in your hot tub away from prying eyes?
Well now you can with a camouflaged inflatable hot tub!

What is a Camouflaged Inflatable Hot Tub?
It’s just like any other hot tub (other brands may have put a little extra special in theirs) except that it’s decked in camouflage, this comes handy if you want to surprise your friends that you have a mini spa in your patio (or anywhere in your house) or tucked away in a little corner of your backyard (especially if your backyard is surrounded by trees and plants).

It’s lightweight and easy to transport, meaning you can take it almost anywhere either you’re going camping with your friends, relaxing after a hard day of work or in a rental cabin somewhere in the woods; some people even take their inflatable hot tubs with them during sporting events and use them both indoor and outdoor.

Some brands may have inflatable hot tub center that can accommodate up to 6 persons, Vanish Spa, and more while most brands are limited to 2 or 4 persons such as Coleman’s or Intex, however keep these in mind when you buy your own camouflaged inflatable hot tub:

Vanish Spa: 79 inches in diameter, 25 inches tall
Coleman Lay-Z: 77 inches in diameter, 28 inches tall
Intex PureSpa: 77 inches in diameter, 28 inches tall

Don’t be intimidated by inflatable hot tubs as they are easy to set up and store away if not in need, inflatable hot tubs also makes it easier to move them around, also you don’t have to worry about the other parts as most inflatable hot tub packages comes complete with everything you need to set up your own inflatable hot tub.
Simply take your inflatable hot tub, connect it to the control panel, and turn it on, it will usually take less than 10 minutes for an inflatable hot tub to fully inflated after that you can fill it with water using a garden hose after which, you simply turn on the pump to heat the water to your desired temperature and enjoy.
You may also add chemicals such as chlorine to keep your water clean when using your hot tub, also remember you have to drain the water once in awhile, especially when you will not be using your inflatable hot tub.

Also, heating the water in an inflatable hot tub may take awhile as the water heats at 2 degrees/ hour so you may need to plan ahead, you may setup your inflatable hot tub and fill it with water during the morning where it will be ready during the evening or you may set up and fill up with water during the evening and leave it overnight.

More Features

The camo inflatable hot tub has 88 jets, a thermal padded floor, beverage holders, and a dedicated head rest for its users.
Inflatable hot tubs from Vanish Spa comes in two different designs, the RealTree Xtra in Green and the RealTree Max5 which can both accommodate 6 persons. Like most inflatable hot tubs, it also comes with an insulating lid that you can use to cover your hot tub when it’s not in use.

However, a camouflage inflatable hot tub may cost a few extra dollars compared to their standard counterparts but it’s a great addition to any home especially in the winter or if you want to relax after roughing it out during camping or any physical activity in the outdoors.

Installing wind turbines and Security Camera for Homes

Wind turbines for homes have been highly sought after for the last few years because of the ever increasing prices of electricity. The vast majority of individuals are right when they assume that wind turbines for homes will help in decreasing their monthly electricity bills. When installed perfectly, these wind turbines may completely get rid of the need for electrical supplies as they will have the ability to generate all the power needed for all of their home appliances with nothing more than the power of the wind. Nonetheless, it is going to cost much more to acquire one initially and have it setup correctly.

The most important part of installing wind turbines for homes is to have enough daily wind velocity as they will not function unless the wind blows at a pace of a minimum of 15 to 20 miles per hour. In order to get sufficient wind speed, you will have to make a tower of at least 15 feet high. This is not something written in stone but generally speaking, the higher you build your tower the higher the likelihood you’ll get more wind speed. You will also have to invest in an electric generator to convert the kinetic energy generated by the wind into electricity you may use to power up all of your home appliances.

Though there isn’t a doubt that wind turbines for homes will reduce electricity payments dramatically, a lot of people still find a hard time to come up with all the required cash to have one installed. If you lack sufficient funds to purchase one, then you need to try your hand at creating one from scratch for yourself. To do this, you are going to have to do a bit of research in finding out all the raw materials required to assemble one and also buy a step by step instruction handbook online. By going this route, you will be decreasing the cost of owning a wind turbine by at least 70%.

Knowing The Best Way To Find A Good Electrician
When you’ve given up because you can’t take pain electrical power shock anymore, it could be time to call in a specialist.

Recessed Lighting Trim
With regards to constructing a home, or remodeling one, there are many things to take into account. Lighting is among the most important. What you want the mood of a room to be can be significantly affected by the lighting you have

Lighting Fix: A Good Strategy To Make Something More Spectacular
How many times have you rearranged a room to try and better suit your requirements? You desire to be able to read on the couch, watch Television without a glare on the screen, or light up that vintage statue of your grandmothers.

What A Recessed Lighting Lensed Trim Can Make To Protect Your Home
When thinking about recessed lighting trim, consider ones with lenses. A lens blocks you from simply seeing the bulb, and is also as versatile as a lamp shade.

Are You Planning To Place A Corded Wall Phone In Your Household? Please Find Below Some Helpful Tips And Infos To Help You.
Do you like to set up a corded wall phone maybe in your dining room? Read these simple steps to insure that you do it in a proper way.

What Are Wind Generators And Why Using Them Is Useful To Us All And The Ecosystem
Wind generators are considered to be one of the most reliable forms of renewable power sources on the planet which are now available. They produce electric power by transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, which is then either utilized directly.

Installing of security system at home is one of the key things to have a peaceful and convenient place. Security cameras like pan tilt have their own good uses. Criminals or people who has bad intention not only on your family but your families treasured things. Cheating spouses have been captured on film and forced to pay greater alimonies and child support for their ex-partners but we don’t actually like those kind of situation. It’s just some of the few cases you read about that can convince surveillance is good. Prevention is always better than the cure so you should take each day as it comes and live for the joys of your friends and family in the present. Learn to appreciate the small things in your life now. Some people using security system camera for situation like pan/tilt positioner for example an ex-partner is paying sums of money for alimony and for his bastardization of relationship with the ex-partner, perverted voyeurs of local public officials are in jail, and you are alive. Surveillance cameras are used for home security and public safety in public places where most crowded people will be seen. You can install small and portable cameras in your house that will assure for your homes safeness.

Crossbow Accessories

The crossbow is one of the most versatile and sought after weapon for most hunters today, however our enthusiasm in hunting can sometimes lead us to lose or break some of our crossbow parts and accessories while making our way through the forest or when making the kill for the game we’re after.

While accessories can help hunters better their aim or skills, some tend to buy every accessory they can see and or find to look like a ‘real” hunter (being a hunter isn’t a fashion statement nor is it fashionable.. Seriously, dragging a dead deer or turkey isn’t fashionable.)
And like every sport or hobby, you must be familiar with the accessories for your crossbow so below are accessories you will need for your crossbow, so here are the most common accessories you will need for your crossbow:

Cocking Device: Are you having trouble carrying and cocking your crossbow? If you’ve said yes then you should definitely get a cocking device! A cocking device is a great help for any hunter regardless of your skill level, having a cocking device will also help prolong the lifespan of your crossbow. Your rope cocking device will usually come in a plastic bag when you purchase your crossbow, to know that you have a good quality cocking device, you will notice that the rope will be quite long – DO NOT CUT THE STRING! Instead tie the string at one end so it will be easier for you to adjust.

Scope: A crossbow isn’t complete without its scope. Scopes such as the fixed power scope offers 3 to 5 times magnification and is especially useful when it comes to hunting game such as turkey and other small and medium game. Some scopes come with an illumination feature which will come very useful when it comes to hunting in a hard to see environment, sharpen your sight by tuning your diopter ring in your scope.
Keep this in mind when using your scope next time:

1 click moves ½ inch
2 clicks moves 1 inch
3 clicks moves 1 ½ inch
4 clicks moves 2 inches

It might take awhile for you to fully grasp how to work with your scope so don’t be afraid to experiment and explore with your scope during practice sessions, take proper care of the lens of your scope, do not just use any cloth to wipe or clean your scope with. Never tighten the scope rings around your scope, leave some room to allow a little movement.

Bolts & Nocks: A crossbow isn’t complete without bolts and nocks! For those who may be confused, a bolt is a crossbow arrow while nocks are what holds the fletchings together. You can find bolts and nocks sold in the same store where you bought your crossbow but you need to make sure that you are using the correct bolt and nock for your crossbow as different crossbows also have different bolts and nocks. Read more about nocks here.

Broadhead: No arrow is complete without a broadhead, especially when you go out hunting. Manufacturers design broadheads to maximize the efficiency of cutting through targets or game, take your time in finding the right broadhead for you as there are as many design options available and each has its own purpose.

Basic Memory Management Requirements/Principles/Mechanism in Operating System

Any mechanism and policy associated with memory management should satisfy certain IT Services St. Louis requirements. Different requirements are as follows:

1. Relocation:
When a translator (compiler, interpreter, or assembler) translates a source code program into object code, it has no idea where the code will be loaded when the program is run. In fact, it may occupy a different area of memory each time it is run.

A programs will possibly be swapped in and out of memory. They may occupy different physical address locations at different, times. The translator cannot assign absolute physical addresses to instructions and data values in programs. But once the program code and data are loaded, processor and operating system must be able to reference the actual physical addresses. Relocation is a process of converting logical address to physical address.

2. Protection:
Program address space includes process control information (PCB), program code, data segment (global data), and stack/heap space. This information may or may not be stored in contiguous locations but it can be visualized as a linear sequence of addresses.

Operating System must protect the address space of one process from unauthorized access by other processes. No process should be allowed to access kernel code or space. When address space is stored contiguously, protection is relatively easy to achieve.

Protection must be provided by the hardware not the operating system. There is no way to tell in advance which addresses a program might reference as it runs. Dynamic calculation of array subscripts, pointers, etc. is only done at execution time.

3. Sharing:
Under certain circumstances, memory protection must be relaxed. In some situation, several processes are executing the same program such as an editor. The memory is used more efficiently if each process uses the same copy of the program code. This kind of sharing is almost always done automatically by the system software.

Processes that cooperate to solve a problem (for example, the producer-consumer problem) may want to access shared data structures. The processes that will participate in the sharing must declare shared memory segments explicitly. The operating system is responsible for protecting the shared memory from unauthorized access by other processes. It must also make sure that the sharing processes are restricted to the shared portion of each other’s address space.

4. Program Translation and Address Spaces:
A process has a logical address space. It is a linear set of locations that encompass the program code, variables, stack, etc. As the program executes, all or part of the logical address space is mapped to a physical address space. Physical address space is a subset of primary memory. The address space is a product of the translation-linking-loading process.

Translators generate re-locatable object code modules from source code. The various modules are then joined together (linked) to form a single module called load module. It is then loaded to memory.

At some point in time, the addresses produced by the ‘translator must be converted to physical addresses. This process is called address binding. Addresses can be bound at compile time (rarely), load time, or run time. The most common binding time in modern systems is run time.