Air fitness Equipment VS Hydraulics
In a market that is booming like the fitness industry there are plenty of brand names and styles for everyone to choose from. Exactly what kind of equipment will be more profitable in the short and long term is the first question everyone should ask themselves before buying fitness equipment. Air equipment has been on the fitness market since 1977 and the actual results were very impressive even back in those days. The simple fact of being able to produce an eccentric and concentric motion without using any actual weights did prove there would be endless possibilities in the fitness industry for Air equipment in Today the Air Fitness industry is making its way in the 30 min workout for women and in major gyms for all the right reasons.
All the fitness professionals who have researched this area will agree on one basic thing. Any equipment that is sold with the purpose of developing muscles or even only toning them, need to have adjustable weight and produce an eccentric and concentric motion to reach results.There has never been any hydraulic equipment that has the ability to achieve this simple task.
Air equipment not only delivers eccentric and concentric motion but allows the user to do this in the safest way possible. Air equipment also has the ability to increase the actual weight that is required to achieve muscle growth.
Sadly, hydraulics do not provide the essential increases needed to give results to a hard working customer. Results in major hydraulic gyms show that after 3 months the members will reach a plateau. In other words, they will stop their progression.
In a market that has a fitness center every few blocks you need to have member retention and the only way to achieve this is by having equipment that will allow users to progress and never hit their plateau.
Think about it! The difference could be between making money and breaking even!!

The limits of Hydraulics
Hydraulics use oil to produce the resistance needed to stimulate the muscle. Yet since the oil is forced to go back and forth across a small hole inside the piston, the oil will heat up resulting in a loss of resistance. The more people using a circuit the less effective it becomes. That by itself will not help you keep your customers!
Since a hydraulic piston is made to work in one direction it can only provide a Positive (concentric) motion. The fact is that the Fitness industry has been around for a long time N o professional private trainer or manager of a fitness facility will ever buy a piece of Hydraulic equipment even if the price is sometimes 3 times less expensive.The only industry that now buys Hydraulics is the 30 min centers but even those clubs are confronted with the phenomenal plateau effect.

Hydraulics is great to move heavy objects but they always use electricalpumps to make them effective. A hydraulic piston without an electrical pump is like a barbell without plates, it will help you move in the beginning but you will never progress with it as you grow stronger and need more weight.
Now, the tactics of the hydraulic industry, is that if you need more weight they will tell their members to move faster on the machine!! If you only had a 10 pound dumbbell in your gym would you tell your members to move faster to make believe they had a 20 pound dumbbell? Of course not, they would get injured or laugh at you.
Air equipment are the only kinds of machines you love that will allow users to have real progression without ever even thinking or feeling that they could max out the equipment.
Air is one of the safest way for training for all kinds of users from the novice to the expert. Nobody will be left wondering, everyone will see and feel the results.